FCC Topic (GMRS License Related)

I found this reading reviews.So if this is true then why on the back of Motorola GRMS/FRS radio’s have “FCC License Required For Use On GRMS Channels”?
Or reads something like that.Somebody don’t know what they’re talking about,who is it?

{FCC license not required for any handheld radio user!
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The review that claims the user needs a FCC license to use a Motorola radio is plain wrong. Yes, you do need a license to broadcast on the spectrum the Motorola radios use - just like you need a license to broadcast on the spectrum cell phones use. And just like your cell phone company bought a license for the spectrum your phone uses to allow you to use your phone, Motorola has a license for the spectrum the Motorola radios use too. So YOU do NOT need an FCC license for a Motorola radio - Motorola already got one for you.}

I misread this. Your quotes seem like you are saying it. Try the “quote” button next time.

With regard to GMRS radios this is 100% WRONG.

Can you post a link to this review?

Found it: http://www.amazon.com/review/RBEJ0HFDPJJFI/ref=cm_cr_pr_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B000WY8JRU&nodeID=#wasThisHelpful

Read the “Comments” on this review. So funny.

We tend to remove links to amazon. However, this time we are going to leave it. This is too funny! All of you have a great weekend!

Yeah… you always have to have one of those idiots :slight_smile:

Trust me… A license is required for all GMRS frequencies.

Here is a link to the FCC web site: