FCC registered, so what's next?

Hello. I’m a newbie here and to GMRS/FRS. I signed up and paid FCC, got my FRN#, and don’t know what to do to activate and use GMRS. Couldn’t find instructions at FCC. My radios are Uniden Scramble GMR1448-2CK.
FRS works fine up to a mile in central Dallas where away from 345KV power lines. What is the procedure for activating use of GMRS in the radios? Thanks.

You don’t have to activate anything.

Channels 1-7 and 15-22 on that radio require a license, channels 8-14 do not.

Don’t, by the way, believe the range hype. Your range will be, unless you’re standing on a mountaintop, 1/2 to 2 miles, in urban or hilly areas. In very flat areas, you might get 4-5 miles.

Thanks. That’s what I suspected after reading this group. I saw mention of using a call number when talking. Where can I get a rundown on the radio use protocol and how does one get the call number?

Your call sign should be listed on the FCC database. You can look it up with your name or FRN.

Dallas REACT has a couple of great repeaters with good coverage.

This site has great information to get a better understanding of how 2way works.

Good luck,

Very good! Now I’ll learn to swim. Thank you.