FCC increases GMRS license application fee

The FCC adopted changes to license application fees Wednesday July 6 and announced the changes Thursday. Among the changes is an increase in the application fee for a GMRS license.

FCC to increase GMRS license application fee

Although the FCC eliminated the GMRS regulatory fee last year, the application fee is still out of step with the cost of the radios themselves. If this trend continues, within eight years, the cost of a GMRS license will return to its previous $90 level before the regulatory fee was eliminated. Within ten years, it will surpass it.


High fees on Marine band just pushed most users to not get a license. When it got got crazy with Radio Pirates, they just dumped the fees and things settled down. Wondering if GMRS will go the same way?

That was the situation we had for years with the dual service FRS/GMRS radios. Most were technically GMRS but no one ever got the license. Now the FCC has basically changed the definition of FRS so that those radios fit and no longer require a license.