FCC allows Frequency Modulation on CB radio❗️

Cobra petitioned the FCC to permit the transmission of Frequency Modulation in addition to present AM and SSB!

After considering this additional information, we (FCC) conclude that allowing manufacturers to add FM as an optional modulation scheme will not substantially change the fundamental nature of the CB Radio Service and will improve the user experience, as described by Cobra and President. How people use the service will not materially change or be expanded. Further, Cobra states that AM is a “well- established” operating mode that is unlikely to disappear, even if we permit operations in FM mode.22 Continuing to mandate AM capability while permitting dual modulation will provide benefits to CB radio users who will have an additional modulation option, while maintaining the basic character of the service. The addition of FM as a permitted mode will not result in additional interference because users who hear unintelligible audio on a particular channel can simply select another channel or switch modes.

What do you think? I’ve never been a big fan of Amplitude Modulation due to the ever increasing noise floor that is killing AM broadcast radio, as an example.
Will the addition of FM, help or hurt CB radio❓

It will definitely help Cobra and other manufacturers sell more radios.

I just upgraded to the Lincoln II+ so i could have FM mode. Not sure it is going to take off though.

I would be interested in your experiences with it. I know it will take some time before enough people upgrade their radios to make test evaluations. Thanks for the update.

I have a question. I’ve used CB for well over 30 years, mostly as a work tool in my dump truck, but sadly I really know nothing about radio waves and all that entails. With the addition of FM to a CB radio, would you use the exact same frequencies on FM as you do on AM, for example channel 19 is 27.185 MHz, so would both AM & FM would use 27.185? and would someone using FM be able to talk with someone using AM using the same frequency?

Since the CB band is not being changed, only the addition of Frequency Modulation (FM). That will significantly reduce noise on the band, however having BOTH AM and SB and now FM mixed together on the same CB channels should be quite interesting! My guess is the FCC is thinking that most CB users will purchase new radios with FM. Because of the difference in the modulation scheme, AM won’t be able to talk to FM or FM to AM. That’s what will make this an interesting experiment.
As usual, the U.S. lags behind most other country’s in so many ways, unfortunately.
Since Europe and especially the UK already has FM on CB, I would be interested in any of their users, comments?
Has FM made CB more or less useful?
How has DXing with FM working out?
Lots of questions need to be answered.

Seems to me that if you want to go FM, just go to GMRS. More power, more options.

I agree. I think I had a CB radio decades ago for a very short time. I just wasn’t impressed with that great Amplitude Modulation, even back then😂 Of course, the noise floor is so much worse now.
I think the CB fans, mostly long haul truckers, will be using it until they go to their grave.
GMRS, because of it’s higher operating frequency, will always have it’s short range problem that CB is not saddled with.

Maybe you’ll see a resurgence in CB use for local communications. FM may be a “skip filter” Of course, FM will propagate; but a lot of the AM distance stuff will just go bye bye, leaving room for us who communicate at the local level to enjoy the service.

I hope you’re right. I guess that’s why CB just never impressed me. Even in the early days, trying to talk thru all the hash wasn’t so enjoyable. I think that’s what motivated so many people to go illegal. Improved “skip” and better signal to noise ratio made the legal 5 watters unable to compete on the band. I’m hoping FM will be a shot-in-the-arm for the service👍