External antenna choice?

I currently have this antenna located in my attic that I have used with my USB SDR receiver. https://www.buytwowayradios.com/tram-1410.html

I have not had much luck with it and figured being in the attic was affecting it. My plan is to move the antenna to my roof. I have a direct TV sat mount that is unused and seems perfect for adding a pvc or metal pipe to and attaching my antenna to it. I figured I would go up about 8 feet from the satellite mount. That would put it above my roof line. My house is not in a valley and have no rules in my area that prevent it. My question is can this setup be used for transmitting once I get to that point with the hobby? Is this antenna a good entry level receive/transmit option for someone that is new to the hobby? I plan on getting my license once I feel comfortable with the test.
Thanks for this site and all the great info I have gained!

Any antenna will work better the higher you get it. So, aim s high s is practical for you. Stop when its so high that feedline loss is greater than the antenna’s gain, or you cant afford any more feedline or pole…