Excavating Contractor Site Radios Question

I am researching to purchase company radios for site work operations. There will need to be a 10-15 acres range. I will need 2 mobile(truck mounted) units as well as 6-8 portable(belt clip) units. I’m not looking for the top of the line bells and whistles but I do want Military spec durability and the lighter weight lithium ion batteries seem like the way to go.

This is where I can not figure out what to buy; for a particular project I have been assigned a frequency 464.5000 and DPL code 156. How do i know what radios to buy to assure they will work for this assignment?

Any help or recommendations would be great.


Here is what I would recommend:

For the mobiles:


For the handhelds:


Both would work really well for your application. That programming option is pretty easy and we can program them for you at no extra charge.

Ok the price looks right but why not Motorola or Kenwood? Do these have features they don’t, and I only ask because i have heard of those companies but I never heard of Icom. Will these last a few years under rough conditions?.. the other attraction is the 6 pack charger for convenience in a job trailer.

thanks again

Icom is a very reputable company. They build a very durable product. I only carry the Icom mobiles, but if you wanted to used Motorola or Kenwood handhelds, we could do that as well.

I just looked at their website and see they have multi chargers so my last question is can i put a stubby antenna on the handheld units?

Stubby antennas are available on the Icoms, but please keep in mind that by switching to a stubby antenna, range can be affected some.

You have been extremely helpful. How do I get a quote for the whole package including mounting kits, antennas, etc for the trucks and multi charger for the office? Is there any other assessors I should think about?

Call my sales rep, Rob, at 800-584-1445 ext. 230 and he will be glad to put a formal quote together for you.

Of course, the appropriate commercial license is required before use.