Evaluation of KG-UVN1 dual-band analog and DMR transceiver

I was given the opportunity to do an at-home unbiased evaluation of the Wouxun KG-UVN1 transceiver. Danny had me shipped a demo model for a couple of weeks and I was pleased for the opportunity. Thank you again Danny and staff of buytwowayradios. I found the KG-UVN1 radio to be quite nice and capable and certainly a good radio for it’s price point. I’ve created an up-close one hour presentation video on my YouTube channel (K3NYJ Patrick), which contains two sections; radio and software. At the end of each section I offer my opinion of Pros and Cons and near the end of the video I’ve included a sample QSO (conversation) of both analog and DMR operations. I hope you all find the content useful. As always, 73 to you and yours. ~ K3NYJ Patrick

Thanks Patrick! I am interested in these once they get Part 90 certification. I have tried other DMR radios, and never been happy with them. But I have always been happy with the quality of my Wouxun ham radios (and the service from buytwowayradios.)

In short, how did they perform on analog? I have another brand of DMR radio that is nice, but I like both a volume and a channel knob. Plus, the other brand has a very irritating squelch tail on analog that drives me nuts.

Hi, CH. The analog side of this radio also worked very well. I have a sample analog QSO near the very end of my K3NYJ Patrick YouTube video for the KG-UVN1. It’s a good sample of a repeater within about 5 miles of my QTH and I was getting reports of full quieting, 59. I was also getting good reports from other tested repeaters within about 25 miles or less. As for a squelch tail end on the KG-UVN1, there is a little bit of one like many other analog radio may have, but it certainly not annoyingly loud like some other devices. The radio does not have a programmable squelch tail eliminator, or STE, but I don’t know that it actually needs one. Overall, the radio did well on both DMR and analog in my evaluation. 73! K3NYJ Patrick

Thanks! I checked out your review and it was very thorough. I hope it achieves Part 90 approval soon.