Error Message When Trying To Write To Radio

I have the Wouxun UV9PX, and using the stock CPS to program it.
Whenever I try to write to it, I get the error message seen on my picture. It saves things ok, but writing is the issue. Even when I try to save what I just read from it, I get this message. I’ve looked at all the channels, and they all have the first 3 numbers before the decimal, and none of them start with a zero.

Can anyone tell me what is causing it?

I ran into the same issue on the same radio. I can’t remember what I did to correct it. Whatever I did took care of that error message. I will get into my files and see if I can remember what I did. I should have written it down.

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Thanks for the come back.

Well, I opened up the Wouxun software and connected my radio. I tried loading a few different files and could not get the error to come up. I then loaded the original fresh programming as saved from the radio when I received it and tried to add and change various channels. I still could not reproduce the error that you and I received. I didn’t write anything down but it seems like I changed the cell I was in to something not starting with a zero but I honestly can’t remember. I’m sorry I can’t offer any help. Let us know if you find a solution.