Equipment and requirements

Hi I’m new at this. I about to build a house in Kentucky on the property of 130 acres. My preference for the radio are the car radios and hand held radio for Motorola, cobra, tyt, baofeng.i need it to reach every where on that property. And also we have hills and mountains towards the middle of the property. If you have any recommendations. Please let me know

What kind of license do you have?

Hi @Tsed9132. There are a few different routes we could go in this situation, so it ultimately depends on what kind of radio system you are wanting to use. Mobile radios installed in the vehicles would almost certainly have no problem covering 130 acres. However, that will likely be pushing the limits of even the most powerful handheld radios. If you want to use handhelds, then a repeater system may be something we need to look into. Having hills and mountains in the center of the property is actually a GOOD thing if you want to add a repeater, since the antenna can be placed at a high point/central location. If you would like to discuss options, please feel free to give our support staff a call at 1-800-584-1445 and we’ll be happy to help!

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