Emergency radio

If anyone has heard the.news about Russia and Ukraine crisis well.fyi i.becoming unnerved
Being radiological monitor I am.praying for the un
Thinkable not to happen then all.you prepers
out there what emergency Preparedness radio?
No.one wins in a nuke war and to tell you
It is heck on earth
Oh god the future I fore seen when I younger
Coming to.be I was afraid this disaster.was coming

I had a meeting today with some people I was associated with during the Cold War - Civil Defence, and emergency stuff. He is still working for the large telecoms company he was then, and the Russian situation is totally out of the sphere of influence people like us currently have. Do what you like as individual or small groups - it’s makes no difference. I firmly believe there is nothing we can do that doesn’t leak into the Mad Max style of post apocalyptic scenarios.

IF Putin starts to throw nukes about, then we’ll manage - and it will get sorted by people who are supposed to be able to sort these things. I’m certainly not going to start planning and panicking about things totally outside my control. It’s a waste of energy.

I totally agree, paulears. Preparing for something that we have no knowledge of how to prefer for, is ludicrous.
I think most of us have more than enough to worry about already! Like being able to afford to fill up our gas tank! Having enough money to buy these unbelievably expensive groceries, etc, etc.

I just put fuel in my van - converting litres to US Gallons then to pounds then USD means it is $8.29 a gallon here! How much is a Baofeng? You could buy quite a few for a tank full!