Email Gateway & Telephone Interconnect for Mototrbo System


I am in the process of designing a two-way radio system for my organization. We are working with an excellent vendor who has set s up with an excellent infrastructure assuring us excellent coverage. We are using a series of Motorola Motottebo XPR 8400 repeaters connected by IP Site Connect and a combination of SL7550, XPR7750, and XPR3500 radios. We would like to add email and phone interconnectivityto the system and I would appreciate your recommendations on how the implement that.

We only have 25 radio users, so the simpler and less expensive the system is, the better.

We are considering applications such as text@trbo, ZapMail, TRBOnet for the email gateway.

We would like our telephone interconnect to connect our radio system to our pix. Due to our location, we do not qualify for a FCC interconnect license, so the system need only connect to internal pbx extensions, not external numbers (except for 911). We would like each radio to have a unque extension. We have looked at TRBOnet, phone@trbo, and Teldio. I am also ver interested in the Zetron Model 45B Z Patch, but I don’t know much about how this would work.

Any suggestions, recommendations, warnings, or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Call Simpson Communications - they can hook you up.