Easy to program buisiness radios

I need help choosing a UHF buisiness band radio. Both handheld and Mobile installed. They need to be easily programmable in the uhf buisiness band range to allow me to easily upgrade when we add new equipment.

We are a construction company and need them for on site communications over a 2 mile square radius. We currently have Motorola CP200 radios the ability to easily program them is beyond our reach. Would love to find a radio that can be front panel programmable. need at least 4 watts for handheld and more for base radios.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

While there are a few, the FCC does not normally tolerate front panel programming in part 90 (business, public safety) radios, because they do not want non-techs messing with frequencies. That only results in people programming their own ‘secret’ and unlicensed channels, and causing interference.

Any type accepted radio for business use is probably going to require a computer and software to program channels.

Thank you Did not know that and i Understand it better now… What radio’s would you suggest that are easily computer programmed without expensive or hard to get software (MOTOROLA) …

The easiest to program are Motorola RDX series though getting the cable/software is a bit… difficult and there are some limitations. Next are Icom radios. They are cheap and (somewhat) easy to program compared to most. We sell the programming cable and software and they allow full programming.