earpeice help for binatone

Hi All,

I’m new to the forum and I have a question, any help would be great.

I live in the uk and our airsofting team use Binatone Roam Around 100 on PMR446. But we can’t find an earpeice that would fit it. We are after the covert clear tube type earpeice with the PTT button also.

The speaker jack is 3.5mm and mic jack 2.5mm the space between each is 6.7mm.

I can find earpeices for ICOM radios that are similar but the other way around (ie. sp jack is 2.5mm and mic is 3.5mm) but can’t find any earpeices that have the above spec.

Can anyone help?


something like this:


It sounds like the connector you are describing is the same as the one used by popular Motorola business radios. I couldn’t easily measure to the tenth of a mm, but the spacing between the pins is between 6.5mm and 7mm and the 3.5mm pin is the speaker and the 2.5mm is the mic. I’m attaching a quick picture I snapped with my phone of an XLT DR100-MB1 earpiece, which uses this connector.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I have a motorola gp68 and the earpeice for that doesn’t fit the binatone. Can you get thst fitting but with the ear budd type rather than the d shape that goes over your ear?


How about this?

Headset Link

I’m showing that the GP68 uses the same connector that I posted the picture of. If your GP68 earpiece doesn’t work with your Binatone, then I don’t think the one I have will work either. Are the pins too close together or too far apart?


I’ve just went and double checked there. The pins aren’t far enough apart.

On the gp68 earpeice the smaller jack 2.5mm is needing to move further up by the thickness of the jack again, so rather than a 7mm space between the jacks is more like 10mm (I think 11mm is a common size?) that is required. :confused:

I know this isnt the answer to your problem, but im just throwing it out there incase you find this is some goofy connector that no mic will fit… But couldnt you just buy two extensions one 3.5mm and one 2.5mm then spacing doesnt matter?


I’m not sure what will work with your Binatone. I just checked a Kenwood two pin connector and the spacing looks correct (just shy of 10mm) but then I realized that you need the 2.5mm to be the mic. On the KW, the 3.5 is the mic and 2.5mm is the speaker.

Something like what pir8radio is suggesting may work for you.

What do you call those connectors? May check ebay for them.

Thanks for the help

Probably just a 2.5mm and a 3.5mm extension cable.

Just an up date, I purchased adapters with a cable on them that make the distance between the pins not a problem any more and used a standard motorola gp68 earpeice. The cables are just tucked down behind the radio in the holder. Works a treat.

thanks for all the help


i bought on of these earpeices to try, and it works / fits perfect for the binatone.