Earbud Help!! I can't find one that will last!

Can someone tell me the best long lasting heavy duty earbud with an inline mic? I like the lite weight, one piece earbud with an inline mic or the plastic earpiece will work also.

For 6 years now I have bought earbuds about every month or two. I use two radios for construction work so were usually no more than 600’ from one another.
Either he can hear me or I can hear him, sometimes we have to turn the radios off, unplug the earbud or push harder on the mic button.

I usually buy my radios from wal-mart, best buy or bass pro shop ($80 pair, Midland, Cobra or Motorola). I don’t mind paying higher prices for a better product that will last long, but all the earbuds look the same on line.

You might look at the Peltor Ear Mic. I sold these to police and fire departments and they work great, even in high noise environments. The wiring is HD, commercial grade. I believe they sold for around $100 and should last for years.


You are buying consumer radios and the earpieces will be consumer grade. If you are using them in construction you will be better off purchasing commercial radios. They are more heavy duty and the earpieces are designed with commercial applications in mind.