Earbone vs Throat mics VOX and PTT

I am looking for comparisons of voice activated earbone vs voice activated throat mic and the same for PTT activated earbone and throat mics with FRS/GMRS, business, or other radios. My use is on bike-to-bike comms at highway speeds. Throat mics and earbone mics are thought by some to be the best ways to eliminate much of the road & wind noise. Any information backed by experience/usage would be of great help. Opinions are OK but are truly of little use.

Thanks…:confused:…if you know of another forum/blog/etc., please post a link.

I am new to this forum. Did you get a reply to your question. If not look at Peltor. They have a Ear Mic that works great. I am a 2-way dealer and have sold them to SWAT teams and other public safety users. And they are affordable.