Duplex comms

I did a quick search and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Perhaps someone could offer some friendly advice?

My buddy and I ride long distances on motorcycles both on and off road. We currently use the Sena BT helmet to helmet intercom systems which work amazingly well in the harsh conditions we operate in. However, range is an issue with literally ‘line of site’ being accurate. We will typically ride in dusty environments and one of us usually gets stuck in the dust if we want to maintain comms. We’re good friends and enjoy each others company… but mostly we want to know if the other person goes down as quickly as possible (which is why we don’t want to have a PTT or be attached to a radio on the bike via a cable).

I’ve thought that a real two way radio would handle our duties better but neither of us want to be attached to our motorcycles. I want a duplex setup that basically emulates our current situation. I’d prefer to transmit and receive via a real radio with some power. Does a system exist that we could BT link our current helmet comm systems to a BT tx/rx that interfaced with a radio (or a couple radios) that would give us some additional range? I’d really like duplex communications so we wouldn’t need to ‘press a button’ to talk to each other.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there… I’m new to the forum and just saw your post.

If you’re looking for less than 2miles distance, go for one of the FRS radios that has VOX. Then use a good throat mic or headset in your helmet. The only thing is that you usually have to “kick on” the vox, I usually do this by starting all convos with “Hey…”

Hope this helps.