Dual 2.5mm/3.5mm plug with female 2.5 input?

Hello all,

Ive run into a real problem that I am hoping you experts can help me with. I will be using my Midland GXT800 radios for an upcoming ski trip. I have made a purchase of GIRO skullcandy 2 way radio link, what this item is to do is allow me to listen to my ipod thru speakers in my helmet, while also allowing the use of my 2 way radio thru the same speakers via an external push to talk mic and button. What this feature is designed to do is allow me to key up the radio and use this mic that would clip on my ski coat, so I can leave my radio in my fanny pack while hitting the slopes. The issue that I have come up with is the plug for the radio is a single 2.5mm. On the midland radio, I need to have their standard 3.5mm and 2.5mm male plug. I was hoping there is a product out there somewhere which has a 2.5mm and 3.5mm male plug that goes to one 2.5mm female. I cant seem to find one out there yet, probably because im not sure what to call in my google searches. Thanks for the help. Does anyone else have an idea how to make this work? Midland doesnt have this product, Giro doesnt have this product, RadioShack doesnt either. Im running out of ideas!! Thanks in advance.