DTR550 Versions?

I always thought that the DTR410 was the only radio in the DTR series that had the non-replaceable antenna. But I’m seeing DTR550’s show up on eBay for instance with a non-replaceable stubby antenna. It was my understanding that the DTR550 and DTR650 had replaceable antennas.

So is the eBay auction below really a DTR550, and, is that stubby antenna replaceable?

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Those are generation I DTR radios. Generation II 550s and 650s have replaceable antennas, and the 410 uses the stubby antenna but has a software upgrade that includes many of the same management functions as the 650.

may i know what is the difference between replaceable antenna and stubby antenna ?

Do Gen I 550’s have the same features as Gen II? Still fully programmable with CPS and accept the posted firmware updates?

From what other people on this forum have stated, it appears the gen I radios don’t play well with the customer programming software (CPS.)

Personally, I wouldn’t touch them. Consider that rechargeable batteries lose life from the moment they are manufactured, you will be dealing with shortened battery life on these older radios.

The gen I sold on ebay for $165, and the new ones are just over $250 on buytwowayradios.com. I think it’s false economy to buy used gen Is. I would hold out for either new or gen II models.