Driver & Pitman Radio Hands Free Sytem

Dear all,

i need to buy 2 Sets with the following specs

hands free
vioce activated
background noise suppresion (if it works right)

Budget Max 125 Euros

We need the above system in order to communicate between driver & pitman in RC Onroad Tracks.

Distance is max 20 meters

Thanks as with all the models im lost.

Hi speed6,
Is the 125 Euro budget for the radios and headsets or just the headsets? In the US that comes out to ~$162.00 American dollars, which won’t get you very far I’m sorry to say. A quality radio will be at least $150/each + headsets. None-the-less I will try and make a recommendation for you.

For racing crew/driver use, I recommend Otto Communications products for noise cancelling high-quality headsets. The ClearTrak model offers NOISE REDUCTION of 24db which will be critical in cutting out background noise from crowds, announcers, and the cars themselves. The ClearTrak headset has a PTT button on the headset itself if you choose to use it.
(MSRP: $395.27) Your Price: $

Alternatively, the regualar heavy duty headset offers a 3db noise cancelling microphone for a lower cost. Both models come in Over-the-Head or Behind-the-Head i[/i]
(MSRP: $278.63, $325.13) Your Price: $

If you are on a budget, there are a few more cost-effective headsets, but remember they will not be as durable nor offer the noise suppression you need in a racing environment. The lightweight headset and breeze headset can be found for around $105 and $53.

In terms of radios, choose a radio that is lightweight but still durable enough to withstand everyday use. Most race tracks in America use UHF radios but I am not too sure about Europe. Do you have a license free PMR446 radio service? A good UHF radio is the Icom F4001 UHF portable, 4 watts, 16 channels, and Li-Ion battery option. This radio also offers the VOX feature for handsfree use. Don;t worry about finding a headset that does handsfree, leave that function to the radio. The F4001 can be programmed to use your voice to determine when to transmit. When you stop speaking the radio will stop transmitting and will receive messages from the other radios.
(MSRP: $240) Your Price: $

Although it is very hard to find something in your price range, I tried to offer the best solutions which vary in price. Feel free to PM me for actual prices on the headsets, I only listed manufacturers suggested retail price which is higher than you would expect to pay from an authorized dealer.


I concur with your choice of Otto headsets. As a commercial 2-way dealer for 25 years I sold the Otto products, mostly into the oil & gas industry. They were used in a high noise environment on a daily basis and are very rugged. As a dealer I could choose from any manufacture and I tried several before staying with Otto.

Dip Schitz,
That is precisely why I chose Otto for audio accessories: the quality and the compatibility with so many radio manufacturers (including those hard to find connections on Harris and MACom radios).
Btw, I think my NJ rep was talking about you when he said a “very successful dealer has been selling these to the gas fields in Texas”.


That’s where I am, East Texas. That market is driven by quality, not price. The users didn’t really care if they tore them up or not, they didn’t have to pay for them. However the buyers did and they had to work a little harder to tear up the Otto’s. LOL!