DP1400 possibility of grouping


I have a bunch of Motorola DP1400s they are used in a race team, for communicating in the pit area and to/from the driver. Everything works great. but I am curious as to whether it is possible to group the calls.

What I want is basically the mechanics’ team to be able to communicate with the engineer and the other mechanics, without disturbing the driver. All radios must listen when either the engineer.
The engineer must then have 2 PTT buttons that allow him to either talk to all (including the driver) or talk to the mechanics’ team only.

We do have access to programming software, but the person programming the radios does not think the described configuration is possible, I’m just trying to get a second opinion, as I have seen this setup done before.

I have tried sketching what I mean. Please let me know if the configuration is not explained well enough since I am not a native English speaker.

Thanks in advance

  • Emil