Does the MXT400 slide out?

The reason I ask is that the MXT115 will readily do that, and I want that option for a Jeep given as with the top down, I’d like to be able to easily remove it.

I’d prefer the MXT400 as its programmable and has more power, and given as everything an open top vehicle is going to get wet or, potentially, stolen, I’m not inclined to go with the Kg1000 like I have in my pickup.

No, the MXT400 screws into a mounting bracket like most full size mobile radios.

One might be able to fashion a “slide out bracket” with a little thought…
I have to envisioned something using heavy surgical tubing, top and bottom to hold it in a bracket and provide vibration isolation, perhaps. Just slide it between parallel tubes top/bottom and front/rear?

Thank you. That helps me decide which way to go on this.