DMR repeater with IP connectivity


I am looking for a solution to connect 2 geographically diperse radio sites together.

Each site has an approx 600 radio handset requirement.

So if anyone can refer me vendor information for DMR repeater hardware with IP connectiviey and DMR radios that would be much appreciated.


Have you considered the Vertex VXD-R70 DMR repeater? What frequency are you using?


I am in Australia so will have to buy a lic for 450MHz - 520MHz UHF2 I am thinking at this stage…

I would like to stay away from the big companies (i believe Motorola owns vertex?)

Any ideas appreciated.


You’re right that Motorola owns Vertex Standard. I’m not familiar with too many manufacturers other than those two that offer products that support the DMR standard. You might check around to see what Hytera offers. I’m not familiar with their product line, but I do know they support DMR. Let us know what you decide to go with!

Hi, thanks for all your replies. The only tier III DMR repeater product I can see is from tait? any comments appreciated…


Why not borrow the technology already available from the amateur radio community and build yourself a repeater controller that can be hooked up to a VOIP connection.

It shouldn’t be too hard to build a system that uses the internet and is not connected to any other system - due to the fact that public service - you don’t want to let others have access that are not permitted to operate in that service.

Do a internet search…