DMR no conversations

I have a TYT MD-390. I loaded in a code plug for my area.

I can key up and talk to other folks so that part works fine.

However, when I am on a channel like WW English, that I think should be very busy, I hear on talking.

I know I have to key up to open the repeater, but even when I do that I hear no talking.,

If I let it just sit there, from time to time someone will announce their call letters and I can get back to them.

My question is why do I not hear lots of chatter on what I think should be very busy talk groups?



Next time you are monitoring, visit this link:

and you should see who is talking versus who you are hearing. You can also use it to see how you are getting in to your local repeater.

[There are several sites that give this kind of information. This is the one that I use here in New England, and it is specific for New England - TRBO, and if you are using Brandmeister, you will probably not get the results you want.]

Good luck! 73,