DMR codeplug writing

I have spent the entire day trying without much luck to get every spare DMR radio I have talking to each other. Retevis, Baofeng, Zastone, Kydera and TYT. So similar, but tiny differences in what go in the menus, and I’ve managed to get some to talk to others, but those ones might talk to different ones and so far - I cannot get all of them to talk to all of them. No wonder people get in such messes. Then I read about people who need 10,000 slots for callsigns. So few of the CPS software allows for exporting the database into .csv files so you could edit them in excel or similar - this would be hugely easier. Many of the CPS apps cannot even copy and paste - a few do, but most don’t. I have one that you must remember to save the digital cc and slots just before you program the radio as as soon as you do, the values vanish! Others won’t load a file from a different make radio, although the software is clearly identical and used .rdt files, yet it will program the other brand radio - this does make for confusion. Kydera have one piece of software, and two radios - 300 and 880, which are identical, but you cannot load the 300 codeplug and then write to to an 880! I need two versions of the exact same cqodeplug - it’s so frustrating!