DM-X Questions about firmware

Hi All,

I have ordered 6 DM-X portofoons from Wish and they come from WorldTech in China. But both have no website where I can find the firmware :frowning: And on the Baofeng website itself are also no firmwere update to find.

2 Off them arrived today but I have some questions about the firmware. I saw already a tread about the DM-X but when I ask there something there come no respond so I hope that people who know this radio and how to flash the firmware they react. :slight_smile:

I saw that moderator has removed some files because virus infected ok But nowhere I can find Virus free software only the CPM and translation of the embedded but no firmwhere itself

And the to of my porto’s have different firmwhere version so I hope that someone can tell me how I can get them both the same ?

I use this portofoons for my Non Profit Airsoft Club and for First Aid work we do so they are very important for us.

Sorry for my bad englische I’m Dutch

This is porto 1

This is porto 2

First porto has Firmwere : V02.02.022

Second porto has firmwere : V02.02.023

Who can help me for both firmwhere versions of can I save the firmwhere from the portofoon itself to my computer ??

Hi, Baofeng is made by ABBREE, try their website im on mobile at the moment and i cant extract the firmware package to verify version. So look for DM-X-NEW in there. Unfortunately i do not know. How to pull FW from radio itself.



HI Ruben: we are another group of Airsoft Ireland and have the same problem than you.
Did you manage to sorted? can you help me?