Displaying Radio Alias instead of Primary ID in Man Down feature in Analog mode

Hi everyone!

We are testing the Man-down feature on our devices which are working in analog mode, it is working fine as expected but it is only showing the Primary ID of MDC systems which is not very helpful because it is difficult the remember person name of that particular Primary ID.

We are using direct communication for some channels (same frequency), and three repeaters (SLR5500) for three other channels.

We are wondering if it is possible to link the Primary ID with the Radio Alias so it shows the Radio Alias when the Man-down feature has been activated.

Have you contacted your two way radio dealer / two way radio shop that maintains your radios for you? That is the route you need to take…


Thank you for the suggestion, I contacted them and it’s been resolved for now.

The simple solution was only to add the users of that particular channel in the ‘contact’ list with their MDC Primary ID, and it will start showing their contact Name instead of the Primary ID.

That’s the gist of it. With most Motorola radios you simply need to add the ID’s and aliases to the contact list of all of the radios so they will display properly. The exception is with the XTL/XTS and APX lines which you need to purchase the advanced ID feature to get aliasing like that (it’s typically only done for supervisors and dispatchers if they aren’t using an integrated console).

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