Discussion on the new Wouxun KG-S72C FM CB Radio

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with an all new episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast! We introduce the new Wouxun KG-S72C Portable Handheld AM/FM CB Radio. We’ll go through its features and compare it to other handheld CB radios currently available. listen now!

As always, your comments are much appreciated!

TWRS-169 - The New Wouxun KG-S72C FM CB Radio

Show Notes:

I really don’t care anything about CB, however, it would be easy to keep one of those KG-S72C radios in a SHTF bag to complete your communication possibilities. I really like the form and function of the KG-S88G. Thanks for the podcast. I enjoy listening to you guys.

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Thanks for the feedback!