Digital Radio protection

Hi Guys!

Its nice to meet you all, I am new to the forum:).

I have a question. Is there any cost effective way to protect digital and Tetra radio LCD screens against cracks and scratches without having to send it back to manufacturer for repair ?

Most Tetra and digital radio models are quite pricey and additional costs incurred from manufacturer repair is quite a sting to the pocket as well as the waiting time for my radio to get sent back.

I have tried pouches but at the end of the day the radio still gets taken out and is still vulnerable to damage.

Am I the only one having this dilemma?

Any advice/ suggestions guys?

I’ve always just accepted it as a normal hazard, and have to say the displays have been fairly resistant to cracks, but the entire radios seem very prone to looking tatty. Any breakages get charged back to the clients, and rarely are the users careful with the equipment - we rarely ship anything back to the manufacturer for this kind of thing, fitting new cases, and screens from parts supplied on-line. Kenwood and other parts are pretty easy to source.

yes some screens are resistant but when exposed to harsh environments( mining or public safety for example) there is a high chance that the radio will be exposed to some sort of damage. Is there a sturdy screen or body protector that can be purchased separately for radios?

Never seen anything. The usual system is to use the sturdy holsters with a remote mic - but on modern radios that’s a pain because of the need to read a display and prod buttons. If you look at the Police as example, they use very expensive radios, and break them often. I’m sure if there were simple ways to make them less scratchy/cracky, they’d use them.

Which radios so you want to sturdy up?

The Hytera PT580H and Motorola DP4800. The screens tend to be exposed to damage.

I’m a bit confused now - I was imagining some kind of big radio with the nasty thick and rigid cases - the ones people slip the radios out of to use, but the HYT has a pleasantly thin and soft case available that adds hardly any weight to the radio and you don’t need to remove it? Is this unacceptable? The Motorola has a similar case too?