Digital Privacy Codes

Newer GMRS radios list digital privacy codes along with tone codes.
Is there a standard between manufacturers for these codes?
Can a Cobra talk reliably to a Midland?
Are digital codes any better than tone codes for reducing unwanted

The privacy codes that are used and the order in which they appear on the radio is standard between all manufacturers. The confusing thing is that some manufacturers group analog and digital privacy codes together, and others separate them out.

As an example, on the Motorola T9500XLR you have 121 privacy code options and you can select them in the radio by choosing code #'s 1-121. There is no distinction between the analog and digital codes.

The Midland GXT710VP3 supports the same 121 privacy codes, but when setting the code your choices are CTCSS (analog) 1-38 and DCS (digital) 1-83. CTCSS 1-38 matches up to 1-38 on the Motorola. DCS 1-83 matches up to 39-121 on the Motorola. So, if your Motorola is set to code 50, that would be DCS 12 on the Midland.

This can be a confusing concept, I hope I explained it well.

As far as which is better, analog or digital, there is no noticeable difference in radio clarity. Going with a digital code may be a better choice simply because fewer radios support them, so there is less chance that someone else would be using the same channel/code combination as you.

Thanks for the information. We have a group of Corvettes that travel together and clear car to car communication is essential.

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Well that explains why I couldn’t talk between the Midland GXT800VP4 and the Motorola FV700R. I was on channel 10 code 99 with the Motorola and channel 10 code 99 DCS on the Midland. I did get them to work on channel 10 code 19 CTCSS. I’m still taking the Motorola back. I don’t like the cheap belt clip which is hard to take off, the PTT isn’t solid and cuts transmissions out unless you really push down on it hard and sometimes it’s hard to hear what the other person is saying. The Midland is awesome. Great features and powerful.