DC/Car power

Hello to everyone out here… I’m a “newbie” on this site but I have seen some good info out here on radios. I do have a question regarding the Midland GXT900 model. I have emailed their tech support but I am not sure if the person I have been emailing understands what I am asking, or maybe I’m not explaining myself very well, I have that problem sometimes… :rolleyes: Anyway… I am looking to use these radios car to car and was looking at using the cars power verses the batteries in the radio thus saving the battery power for when I am out of the car. The lady at Midlands’s tech support said that you can not use the radios while charging as they would be in the desktop charger, but I was looking at a cigarette lighter adaptor plugged directly to the radio. I have seen the owners manual and it shows a charging “port” but can you have the radio powered up and using it while it’s plugged in, and it looks like it’s on the microphone “port” so how would that work if you are using an external speaker/mic? Any suggestions?? Has anyone done this?
Any Help would be great… Thanking you in advance. TomCat in VA…

Unfortunately you cannot use the radios while they are charging… The cigarette light adapter that comes with it is used to plug into the dual desktop charger.

Why is there a connector/plug on the side of the radio that has the abbreviation “Chg” right with the Speaker/Mic connector? I am guessing for charging without the desktop charger?? :confused: Look at Page 7 of the owner’s manual where it talks about battery installation. Thanks

I looked at my set… Basically that port can be used to charge your radio, but not with the car charger that comes with the radios. You can charge it with a 2.5mm ac adaptor, but not with the plugs that come in the package.

Ok that’s not a problem, that is what Radio Shack is for, but can you operate the radio (apply power and use it or just monitor the channel) while that charger is plugged in or does it disable the radios power once it is plugged in? :confused:

I believe it will disable the power to the radio while it is plugged in.

Thanks for the reply Anthony but has anyone ever tried it? Sure would like to know before I make any purchase… Thanks…

The radio uses much more DC power when transmitting than it does when charging. The charging circuit on these radios is a trickle rather than a rapid, therefore the current flow is very low (as compared to some cell phones that charge in an hour or two). From car to car, you can always go back to the good old CB radio and hard wire that puppy.