Damage Two Way Radio if to Close Proximity?

Hey Everyone

I was searching around the net for this answer but could not seem to find it. I am hoping you guys would have the answer. So basically I was wondering if it will damage my two way radio if I talk to someone on my radio on the same channel in close proximity (2-3 feet) Say I am standing next to a tree with my radio on channel 20 and my buddy is 2-3 feet away also on channel 20 and I talk to him on my radio will this damage the radios? I am asking this because I remember buying a pair of radios a couple of years ago and doing this not thinking it would damage them and now their range is terrible ( only 50 - 100 meters) do you think is was because I talked to close or maybe they were just defective. I am not sure.



You will be fineā€¦ no problem,