Current FRS/GMRS radios with Bluetooth?

What (if any) current model FRS radios would be capable of linking to Bluetooth helmet coms?

My wife and I use Uclear coms on our motorcycle helmets, and I would like to add an FRS (under the new two-watt license-free rules,) for use on the bike. I’m aware of two options, so far: MU350R and the Chatterbox FRS coms, but I’m not really wanting to change coms, and (having just listened to TWRS-115) it seems the new T series Motorolas may be higher build quality, but no Bluetooth.

Are there other radio options? Or, is there a Bluetooth dongle of some kind that would work? (Keeping in mind rain-proofness would also be a factor.)

EDIT: I just noticed the MU354R, which I assume to have replaced the discontinued MU350R. That may be my answer, but am still curious if there are others. Seems odd to me that Bluetooth is so rare on these radios.

At the moment, the MU354R is the only FRS radio available with built-in Bluetooth, and it is being discontinued, so the inventory is very limited.

In the past, FRS radios equipped with Bluetooth have been a niche product, as the demand was rather limited. Personally, I think Motorola was a little ahead of its time with the MU series, as Bluetooth is just now gaining acceptance in the consumer radio market.

For instance, some of the current CB radios such as the Cobra 29 LX BT and Cobra 29 LX MAX offer Bluetooth integration and support to pair with devices such as cell phones, headsets and radar detectors. These models do sell, but they are not as popular as traditional, non-Bluetooth models.

There are dongles and other Bluetooth attachments available, but they require a compatible connector. This is the real issue, since many radios use proprietary connectors.

I’m hoping that changes in the near future. So many things I never would have expected not so long ago are getting Bluetooth capability these days, that it almost seems inevitable. I can say I certainly didn’t see the need when the Bluetooth CBs came out, but now it makes much more sense to me.

Just a quick update to add that, after some consideration, I ordered a pair of MU354Rs, and a couple of related accessories. If I remember to, I’ll try to report back on how they work with the Uclear coms after I’ve had some time using them together.

For those making a purchasing decision, Buy Two Way Radios’ prices were right in line with everywhere else I checked, and with the information service they provide here and in the podcast, purchasing from them is a “no brainer.” They would have to be SIGNIFICANTLY higher in price for me to buy anywhere else.

Thank you for your help in choosing my radios, Rick! :slight_smile:

Thought I’d post a quick update to note that I had no trouble pairing one radio to one of the Uclear helmet coms. My wife doesn’t have much interest in using radios, in general, so I’ve left the other radio unpaired, with Bluetooth turned off. We’ll use them both for camping and such, and I can always pair her radio later, if needed.

For anyone with this brand of com, I followed Uclear’s instructions for iPod pairing, as they don’t have instructions specific to pairing radios. I haven’t really used it on my the road, yet, but we did verify that everything works correctly.

Thanks, again, to Buy Two-Way Radios for their advice on selecting these radios. :slight_smile: