CTCSS for XPR7550e?

I work in the oil and gas industry as an inspector. Its pretty important that I be able to maintain comms with the contractor. Currently I am using the xpr7550e and the contractors have misc radios but all using a channel with ctcss code… so, i can hear them but they can not hear me. Is there a way to program a ctcss code into my radio with the cps2 so I could communicate with other regular radios using a privacy code? The contractors are typically using Talkabout radios. I spent a lot of time in the cps2 last night but couldnt find anything.
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From my understanding the answer is yes on the analog portion of the radio.

Could anyone tell me where i go in the cps to put the privacy codes on analog? I realldy dont need any on digital as nobody uses digital here.
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an analog code is going to just be a number the digital ones will have an N or NI (Ie. 67.0 or N311 or D311N) some radios have two areas for entering CTCSS codes one will say CTC and the digital will say DCS so analog is CTS or Encode/decode and digital is DCS. Hope that helps

Im assuming i will enter the 67 or whatever freq into “squelch” in the cps 2 program and will have to do one for each channel/pl i want such as channel 1-0, channel 1-67 and so on?
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Yes you normally have it set so that you send the tone, and require a tone on receive to open the squelch.

The process is the same on pretty much any vendor’s DMR radio.

  1. Under the Zone Channel assignment create an analog channel (may need to right click on the Zone)
  2. Once the analog channel is added you can go in and select the PL tones

Thanks for introducing some sensibility into this discussion.
Language is supposed to shorten things over time, not draw them out, so how could two quick letters, PL, have ever stretched out to five long, excruciating ones…
Even the early Motorola and GE terms, Private Line and Channel Guard, are easier to say.

Well Private Line is a great description - but technically wrong (it’s not private) while CTCSS technically explains it - a continuous tone controlled squelch system. It’s a mouthful, but it’s also not copyrighted - while PL is. PL is brand specific - there’s always that little trademark logo isn’t there! TS - tone squelch works for many people. the Digital in DCS often lets some advertisers claim a radio is ‘digital’ when it isn’t!

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