CTCSS code for midland MXT275

I have a local repeater that I have permission to use. The CTCSS code is 67.0 and according to the Midland conversion chart they do not have 67.0. They only have 67.09 code 1.

Is there something i am missing?

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67.0 is a pretty standard assignment for tone 1 across the board, and I am unaware of any CTCSS tone that uses a .09 or anything in a hundredth of a hz. I checked the manuals for several other Midland radios and they all list 67.0 as tone 1, with an exception of the MXT115. The MXT275 is similar to the MXT115, however instead of a display and control panel on the radio, the controls are integrated into the hand microphone. It’s possible the CTCSS tone chart was duplicated from the MXT115 manual to the MXT275 manual. My guess is the .09 is merely a typo, and it’s really supposed to be 67.0.

Of course, the real test is to try it, and if the tone 1 setting gets you connected to the repeater, then it’s probably just an error in the manual.

Thanks for the reply! The Manual that came with the radio MXT 275… has only 67.09 code of 1. I also thought it could be a typo…new to GMRS and don’t want to mess up a new radio…Sorry I am a newbie!

I will try when I get home.

Rick already answered your question but I just wanted to add that you are not going mess up your radio by choosing the incorrect tone (code). The worst that would happen is you won’t be able to use the repeater. You can simply change the tone (code) to something else if it doesn’t work. The nice thing about Midland GMRS radios is they are made almost sailor proof (I was a sailor) even though they chose to make you cross reference tones/codes. I personally know someone (me) who made a mess of programming an amateur band handheld to the point that the easiest thing to do was to perform a factory reset and start over. Have fun.

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Thanks for the info!!! Sailor proof… thank you for you service to our great country! love it!! Are they Marine proof? You know Marines we can bump some stuff up!

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Really apricate the help! Total newbie!

thank you for you service to our great country! love it!!

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Are they Marine proof?

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Thanks! Can’t forget Air Force!!! Thanks for your service to our great country!

As an interesting side note, ETSI actually defines an maximum allowable frequency error for CTCSS which is +/- 0.75%. At 67.0 Hz, that’s +/- 0.5 Hz so there’s a full Hz of leeway so even if the frequency was actually 67.09 Hz…that is still within allowable margin.