Crane cabin radio system + 3 HH

Looking for a simple but effective radio com system that has 4 radios.
Distance needing radio coverage is max 15 meters. The one radio will be in a crane cabin and needs to have a pedal PTT and a separate mic (gooseneck would be best).
This is for a training senario thus the hands free in the crane is needed. Have had feedback from radio sales companys who only sell the powerfull licensed systems. We are looking for a simple system and are open and gratefull for any help, links, advice from folks with experience and knowledge…

In advance Thanks

any of the FRS/GMRS radios will work. However the GMRS radios would need to be licensed. How noisey is the crane cabin? I have never seen a pedal operated Push to talk switch for a GMRS/FRS type radio but assume one could be made (they make them for Ham radios) you could try using an ear piece mic that can your vox (voice activated if the crane cabin isn’t too noisy.

Thanks for the reply,
The cabin will at times have a fair bit of backround noise (being a training session, Motors, wind, alarms-sirens etc on occasion) Voice activated systems in the crane cab (from experience) I don’t think is an option. A simple system that will work within the distance area with one as mentioned having to have a remote switch and a mic the would be preferably a gooseneck type. mounted in the crane cabin. I am starting to understand that this wish is possibly not an off the shelf item… Idea where one would go to have one constructed?

You could start here and maybe figure something out?

You would probably have to modify it or figure something out.