cp110 rdm2070d motorolla help

I have searched the forums, and everything I can think of on the net, but I can’t find anything on these radios. Please help me if you can.

My problem is I use these where I work. I have one from a co-worker who died, and I got it from her husband. The company is being cheap and not able to find me a replacement. The problem is the antenna broke off. I have a new antenna, but my radio doesn’t have the connector to screw it back on. the cp110 and the rdm2070d are very similar, as far as antenna are concerned. I have access to both and took them apart to see this. The cp110 has a removable antenna assembly connector piece. Does anyone know where I could find such a piece ?

I am assuming you work for Wal Mart. I think it is their responsibility to get you a working two-way radio.

The RDM2070D is a special radio made specifically for Wal Mart employees. It was made to be inexpensive and licence-free, so it is a special bulk model that is non-programmable and has a non-removeable antenna. I doubt you can modify it for a removable antenna, and it cannot be reprogrammed for other frequencies.

It uses MURS frequencies, so any MURS radio should theoretically work with it. The problem is that one would need a frequency counter or another MURS to test it out, because these large contract single-user radios often have their own specific frequencies or privacy tones built in to their programming.

It also appears there is the odd used one for sale here and there, but as to how they came to be up for sale must be questioned as they are almost the exclusive property of Wal Mart.

If you don’t work for Wal Mart, then your employer must have bought a batch of used ex-Wal Mart radios. I am guessing this is why they are reluctant to get you another one as their (questionable) supply may have dried up.

I think you are out of luck unless you can get a radio shop to McGyver a removable antenna for you, or at least use a frequency counter to tell you the frequencies it is programmed to. If they are all licence-free MURS frequencies, then any MURS radio will work.

This site talks about the RDM2070D but also lists a radio that is compatible with it.

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If you are in the US and your use of the radio falls under the classification of safety gear, then the company must furnish it for you. Otherwise, you may be required to purchase it as a job related tool.

Yes I do work for them. Yes they are supposed to furnish radios. Yes they are supposed to replace it, or fix it. However as with most corporate type places, they are incredibly cheap, and incredibly lazy.

I got promoted, and they want me to have a radio. They don’t have one for me to have, and I have to borrow one from wherever I can when I am there. I had a friend that had my position before she died. She had obtained her radio from somewhere else, but it is programmed for the freqs we use.

The cp110 radio has a removable antenna mount, the rpd does not, but the rpd does have a plastic piece, in the same shape of the cp mount. The antenna that broke off was basically a coil of copper wire. The antenna I bought off amazon is made for motorolla radios, but maybe a different one than the rpd, and cp. The cp antenna has a connector it screws into, this antenna is solid.

I am thinking I can find a nut this antenna will screw into, solder the copper wire to the nut, and glue it into the radio housing, using the plastic piece, I can maybe make it work. I just don’t have enough experience working with radio, to know if this will work. Anyone have an idea if that will work ?

One of the problems is that antennas are tuned to specific frequency bands and may or may not work very well. The CP110 comes in both a VHF and UHF version, and the internal parts of the antenna may be different. Plus, that Amazon antenna you bought might be for a completely different frequency band.

Chances are that it will work however. UHF and VHF antennas are so close that one will often do a fair job on the other band. (The Wal Mart radios are VHF frequencies.)

Quite frankly, at the cost of jury rigging an antenna on an already questionable older radio, I would just buy my own MURS radio. It will save you a LOT of hassle and possibly even money.

Just get one of the Wal Mart radios run through a frequency counter to confirm what channel is what frequency (in case the channel assignments are proprietary) and pick up any new or used MURS radio.

I think you should force their hand. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to provide a radio unless it was explicitly written into your employment contract. If it’s required, then they have to provide it.

My wife’s employer requires her to carry a radio at work and they provide them. In fact, I believe she has one that’s assigned to just her.