covert kenwood business to gmrs

I recently purchased 2 kenwood tk-3200l(k3) business radios for bike to bike comunication. I didn’t realize the difference between business and gmrs at the time. I needed these radios as gmrs so the tech support at 2way converted them to gmrs. I can now hear the other radios but they can’t hear me. I have tried to verify my qt/dqt settings but my side buttons don’t seem to respond. any suggestions?

I can’t locate an instruction manual online and I’m not familiar with that particular radio. I do all my Kenwoods via PC.

Did you contact cust service to ask them? I bet the codes are different between radios.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll be contacting them on monday. I have a feeling that when they reprogramed the radios to gmrs frequencies something affected the side buttons.

If the programmed the TK3200L’s to GMRS frequencies, then most likely they also disabled the user programming.

It sounds like the problem is that your radios are not set to transmit a QT/DQT code, but the other radios are setup for one. You will most likely need to send it back to your dealer to have them set the QT codes for you.