Can anyone direct me to some general courtesy guidelines when using 2 way radios? I just got mine and they’re great for snowboarding. I’ve only been using the FRS until I get my license. (After I get paid this week.) But my questions are along the lines of
-If someone is on the channel/subchannel first, do they pretty have the expectation that no one will jump in and start using the channel?
-Is there some channels that are reserved? (ski patrol, police, etc.)
-Any other courtesy issues… I don’t want to start pissing people off…

First off kudos to your for even considering this. Most folks just go out and yap away with no regard for others. That, and when someone tries to use the channel they are on they try to run them off “their channel”.

Basically do what you think is right, and it seems you know what is right. If someone is on a channel, try to use another.
Remember, sub-tones only block incoming signals. Even though you can only hear someone with the same tone, ANYONE listening with no tones can hear you. So don’t think privacy tones give you ANY privacy at all.

No, there are no “official” channels. This was tried with .6750 but it never really caught on. They called it the emergency channel. Some repeaters do use it for travelers and a 141.3 tone.

If police or ski patrol are using GMRS that is their problem. :rolleyes: