Copy settings from Anyone 289g to Baofeng UV-5R

I have the settings from the anytone with their software and need to reprogram the baofeng with chirp. Anyone have any advice as to how the settings translate from one to the other? Thanks.

It’s a year later and no one has answered your question. I’m a newby here. I just picked up 3 of the Anytone 289G radios branded as RadioBoss. I’m trying to use CHIRP to program them, but can’t find the model number listed in the settings. How were you able to pull the configuration off of yours?

Thank you for any assistance!

The 289G radios are not supported by Chirp. So you are out of luck there. I imagine the OP downloaded his radio’s info via the factory software, and his question was how to convert this info into something Chirp would understand so he could easily load that data into his Baofengs, which ARE supported by Chirp.

Typically, the factory software for most radios has some sort of proprietary nonstandard protocol that Chirp will not understand.

So, am I out of luck? The software from RadioBoss is really pricey!

Probably so, unfortunately. Unless a Google search turns up something free under the original anytone model number, you may be out of luck.

It’s always best to research programming software prior to a radio purchase. Some places, that’s where they get you. Cheap radio… then you find out you have to pay extra for software to even get the radio to work.

Yeah, and these were cheap! I got them free.

You’re right. A google search of the FCC ID number brought up a software package. Now I think I’m finding that the cable is proprietary too.

Back to the web…

If the radio IS the Anytone 289G under the skin, the software for that is easily available online, so you just need the cable. I found a few leads for the cable for the anyone and the radio boss - so just a bit of on-line shopping to do.

I really appreciate the input from everyone.

I think I may have the right software now. It’s looking like my cable is the current issue. I had hoped to get away with the cable my son gave me from his Kenwood, but apparently it’s a little more picky than that.

Trudging forward!

Posting an update in case someone reads this hoping for what I hoped for.

First, RadioBoss 289 is Anytone 289G. That fact helped a lot as I worked through this. I found software on the Anytone website. It downloads as “289software.rar”.

Second, you need the right cable. It has to have the special chip in it. Here’s the one I ordered:
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Look for a cable that will program the BaoFeng radios.

The software is easy to use.

I hope this helps!

For the record, it’s a cable with a standard Kenwood K1 connector and an FTDI chip. The XLT Painless Programming Cable with the K1 connector will work as it contains a genuine FTDI chip.

Thank you for the clarification. That’s my inexperience showing there.