Convention Center Radios

Hello. I’m looking to purchase a set of around 8-10 radios for a convention. I’m looking for something that can cover a range of around 230 square feet and something that is secure and safe from interference and eavesdropping. I’m looking for the most cost effective option that also includes rechargeable batteries and a charging station for each radio. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

For Secure transmissions you may want to look at the TriSquare TSX 300. These radios use a 900 mHz frequency so they do not communicate with UHF or VHF radios. They allow you to do the following:

  • Call everyone
  • Call a certain group / they only hear the converstion
  • Call an individual / that person only hears the conversation
  • text message / send it to one person when you know they are busy with someone

Everything is included in the box radios, batteries, and charger.

This should be a great radio for you.

Thank you for your response. I was actually looking at those as the route to go. I was also thinking about a more professional set of radios. Would there be a certain one you would recommend?

And a couple other questions I had for the professional radios… with the licensing… do you have to pay the 80 dollars for each radio or for each set of radios being used by the same group?

I also heard that there is a charge for the number of square feet that the radios will be used in. Could someone elaborate or confirm these two things? Thank you very much.

If you go with business radios, the license is around $100 and it covers everyone at a single business location. This is the FCC fee, and if you go through a frequency coordinator they will add a fee as well.

do the TSX-300 radios have any standard encryption like DES in them or are they relying upon FHSS for the security?


Sorry it took so long

The TriSquares rely on Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) This is a method of transmitting radio signals by rapidly switching a carrier among many frequency channels, using a pseudorandom sequence known to both transmitter and receiver.

Data Encryption Standard (DES) is a cipher (a method for encrypting information)

I included the definations for everyone (like me) who may not know what they stood for.