Complete newbie question

Hello! I would like to start by saying i know almost nothing about radios, but need help with something.

I work for a security company that has always used basic FRS/UHF 2w radios for local sites, and Zello for dispatch/long range.

They are now switching to long range radios with a business license. However, a few of us like to avoid sharing radios with 50+ other people, and have always bought our own, but the radios they have now are almost $500 even used.

They have old Motorola XTS5000 380-470mhz radios. My question is can something cheap like a Baofeng UV-82 be compatible? Or does this depend on anything? Thanks in advance!

It all depends on the frequency the radios will be operating on. The license will have the authorized frequencies and CTCSS tones, if used.

A Baofeng may work; but to be legal, you need a Part 90 certified radio. BTECH sells the UV-82C, which is Part 90 certified. Also, Buytwowayradios, the owners of this forum sell Part 90 business band radios for well under $500.

They’re P25 radios and buytwowayradios said they dont carry any. I guess that was important to mention haha. Also said it will be hard to find something non-motorola thats compatible…

OH! P25! Yeah… those are expensive and also would need programmed by the same folks who did the company radios.

My company would be willing to send mine for programming if I buy it. Found them on Ebay for $450. Think theres anywhere i can look for cheaper P25 radios? Otherwise i may have to just settle with sharing radios until i save up a little

Ok heres a question. The radios my company has are Motorola XTS5000 P25.

Now the MHz range says 380-470. I see other radios of the same model, XTS5000 P25, but different Mhz ranges, like 450-520 or 800-900 for example.

Is that something that can be changed?

I’ve made the mistake of buying a second hand kenwood and discovering it was uhf, but the wrong version, and they are not convertable, if you cross the line, it will not accept the programming. In fact, sometimes the final letter is critical too. An E version Kenwood uses different software to the non-e because some European features are different enough to make a difference.

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