complete and total newbie to the 2-way radio world

I just started a new job with a road construction company. since there are so many of us scattered over a broad area this company has invested in some sort of repeater or relay device, i’m not sure. but even hand held radios can communicate with everyone from several miles away. My situation is this, i want to purchase a hand held radio that will work with this system so that i won’t have to keep going into the office and checking one out and hoping there are some left and all that trouble. i don’t know what kind of radio i would want to get or how to set it up. there are a few different models of radios that are on this system both in the trucks and equipment, and hand held but they are all motorola brand radios and they all say RADIUS somewhere on the radio.

Sounds like you probably need a Motorola AXU4100, programmed to work with your repeater(s). All we need to get you going are the frequencies and PL codes of your Radius radios. Someone within your company should have this, but in the event that you can’t find it you could send us one of your existing radios and we can make your new one match it before we send it out.

Please contact us and we will get you going.

thank you for getting back to me on that so quickly. would i need to get any kind of license or other documentation to own a radio like this? also, is there any way i might be able to reprogram a radio myself?

If we program the radio to match the Motorola Radius radios your company is currently using, then you would typically not need a license. Your company should already have a license that would cover your radio as well.

As far as programming the radio, you would not be able to do it yourself. All of the “fully programmable” radios that we sell (the radios that can be programmed to work with a repeater), have to be programmed through software that is typically only available to dealers.