Our school purchased two different Kenwood two-way radios. Protalk TK3130 and FreeTalk TK-3131. They don’t seem to be compatible. Should they be? If so, how can I make them work. They are all set up the same way with the same channels, etc. I’m a little clueless about this, but the ProTalks work with each other and the FreeTalks with each other, but no crossover. I hope I am making myself clear. Thanks.

The TK3130 is a business band radio, the TK3131 is a GMRS radio. They are NOT at all compatible unless you get the 3130’s reprogrammed by a Kenwood dealer.

Who sold you these?
Do you have a business band license?
Do you and ANY other non-family members have GMRS licenses?

If no to the last two questions I STRONGLY suggest you NOT use either of these radios and get your school some FRS-only radios. That or use ONLY the 467.XXXX frequencies of a GMRS/FRS radio.
Continuing to use these radios as is without licenses would be illegal.

Another LEGAL alternative is 900Mhz ISM band radios. This is a new license free band for personal or business use.

MURS is another legal choice, but the radios are getting harder and harder to find.

See this site for frequency info:

See this site for GMRS/FRS info:

See this site for ISM Band radios: