Compatibility with GMRS Two Way Radio

I have two Cobra Model LI7000 radios that I would like to use when motorcycling. People can’t hear me over the noise of the mototcycle.
I would like to try the XLT-TM100-MT throat mike but it is not listed under the Cobra Accessories. The Cobra has a single earphone and headset jack.
Will the XLT-TM100-MT work?

Cobra uses a connector that varies slightly from Motorola’s. The difference is that a standard Cobra pin is about 1/16 inch longer than Motorola’s. You can use a Motorola accessory with a Cobra radio, but you’ll need to pull the pin out slightly. The pin will “click” into the right place, but if pressure is applied to the top of the connector you will lose communications until it is pulled back out.