Compatibility with Cobra LI-5600-2DXVP Two-way Radios

I have a question, can i connect this handsfree set Uniden HS2467 Earpiece with Boom Microphone to Cobra LI-5600-2DXVP. Thanks for reply

PS: Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

No, the Uniden radio accessories have a proprietary connector and can only be used with other Uniden products.

Could you recommend me some handsfree set compatible with Cobra LI-5600, that can be fixed on my ear or head? Thanks

I am not aware of a hands-free headset that is made for Cobra radios. The XLT HS150-MT headset will work with Cobra radio’s and seems to be exactly what you need, but since this headset was designed for Motorola accessories the pin is slightly longer than a Cobra accessory. If you decide to purchase it, press the pin into the accessory port until it “clicks” into place. About 1/8" of the pin should still be visible.