compatibility question

Hi There,

i wanted to ask you guys about a compatibility issue we are having. im not technically oriented with transcievers so i dont know how to check this…

My team was previously using the vertex standard vx-146, and the yaesu vx-246, which work fine together.

recently we bought some kenwood tk 3108 transceivers, assuming they are easily configurable to work with the other ones. unforunately we havent managed to figure out how to do this yet. there is no display on the kenwood ones, so we cant see the frequency changes to sync them. is there anything we can do? are these even compatible with our older models?

Appreciate any help you can provide.


Where did you get these TK-3108’s? They do not seem to be FCC certified for use in the US.

Where are you located?
Did you get instructions with these radios? Kenwood usually has very good instructions.

Well I see that the vertex standard vx-146 is a PMR446 radios so I assume you are not in the US.
It is always a good idea to tell where you are from to lessen confusion right from the start.

This is obviously a US based site but there are some very knowledgeable folks here. I’m sure someone will be along that can help you.

we use the radios in Switzerland, sorry i dont know much about radios, so i didnt know location was a factor.

we bought the kenwood tk3108 radios in Dubai, they came with chinese-translated instructions, you know what i mean, the ones that dont make sense. they work with each other just fine, but i have no clue how to get them to work with our vertex, yaesu ones.

i hope someone can give me some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.