Compatibility MR350R, MJ270R and CXR900


Some months ago I bought a set of Motorola MJ270R.

I found the range poor but for the rest they are ok for my use.

What I’d like is to buy two more WT compatible with my MJ270R but if possible with a better range.

So, there is my question: Are the MR350R compatible with these? (with and without codes, the QT technology etc.)

Also I saw that the Cobra CRX900 have a lot better range (thanks to jwilkers’ reviews) and I wonder if they could be compatible with the MJ270R?

Of course I understand that if they are compatible, the range between my new and old WT will be less thant between the new ones; I’m interested to have a better range on at least two WT.

As you can see I’m a simple user but don’t hesitate to explain the why etc. :wink:

Thank you in advance for your answer :slight_smile:

PS:I’m french, so my english might be “wierd” :smiley:

There is no ‘better range’ among bubblepack GMRS/FRS radios.

There are only bigger marketing lie claims.

All these radios have one range: line of sight.

For handheld radios, range in urban locations is somewhere between 1/2-2 miles. Buildings, trees, hills, all block signals.

Go stand on a 1000 foot high hill. Get the other user to do the same. If there’s no hills in between blocking you, those radios that got 1 mile standing on flat ground, might well get 50 miles. That’s how the marketers justify those very misleading range claims. ‘Ideal Conditions’.

Hi SkipSanders,

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I know how it works with the “ranges lies” but the fact is my MJ270 has a 2W power output and the Cobras CRX900 has 3,5W, when I read tests everywhere it is written that CRX900 has a better range (in the same condition).

What I really want to know is about compatibility, that’s the thing I need to make my choice.

Also, does someone knows what is the power output of the Motorola MR350R?
I can’t find it anywhere and since the MR355 has a 1,32W power output (thanks again to jwilkers’ tests) and a very poor range I’m worried about the “35Miles lie” :smiley:

Once you reach about 1.5 watts, power is meaningless to range with these units. More power above that is mostly just a way of draining your battery faster. Range increases due to power are minor at best.

Line of sight. Yes? Works. No? Doesn’t work.

I’ve talked 150 miles with 2 watts… when the other end of the line was on the space shuttle, and in line of sight.

From the official test data submitted to the FCC for the CXR900, by the way, on power, from the testing lab:

FRS: 0.49 Watts

If you wondered about efficiency:


The Motorola MR350, and the MJ270, both tested at 1.92 watts output.
The Motorola MR355 tested at 1.32 watts output.

Thank you for these informations :slight_smile: