Compatibility between These radios

Our neighborhood has an emergency preparedness plan. When needed, they announce a radio-check, (time and date) on a specific channel/subchannel and anyone can tune into the radio check to verify communication in the case of an emergency (These are just tests).

Most of the folks currently in charge of this radio-check use Motorolas. Although I think that the Motorolas are great radios, I don’t necessarily want to be tied to “their” choice.

I’m considering the following radios:
Motorola MR350
Midland GXT1000
Cobra CRX925

  1. Can each of these radios communicate just fine between them (If set to the same channel/privacy-code)?
  2. The folks in charge of this radio-check say to set our radios to a particular channel/“sub-channel”. However, all the radios I’ve researched do not reference “sub-channel”, but only “privacy code”. Is this the same thing as a “sub-channel”?

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You need to find out what frequencies they are using (FRS/GMRS, MURS, Business frequencies). Most likely they are using FRS/GMRS and if so all of the radios you list will work with no problem. They must mean privacy channel.

Thanks Jeff,

Most of the radios used are FRS exclusive. A few are FRS/GMRS.

I agree that when they refer to “Sub-channel” they must be referring to “Privacy Channel” since there seems to be no mention of any “Sub-channel” designator for these radios when referenced by the manufactures.


I think they are talking about sub-channels. My question is, I thought all these radios are supposed to work with each other regardless of brand. But, last night, I tried to use my Midland LXT 385 radio with my partners’ Motorola (model ?), and she said to set channel to 1.1. However, my radio doesn’t set to 1.1 (sub channel 1). My radio does not have any sub channel (privacy code) features. I’ve read the manual over and over, and I can’t find any reference to setting privacy channels/sub-channels, etc. Do I need to get a radio that is capable of privacy channels in order to have it work with another persons’ radio that works has sub-channels? I’m new to FRS, so I’m, clueless. Can anyone help me with this question? I’d appreciate it. :eek:

Hi,I am from Iran,I want to buy a Radio with high range,please guide me.

If your radio does not do sub-channels (CTCSS/DCS tone access, actually), then you will hear them, but they will not hear you.

No, not all manufacurers assign the same ‘number’ to the same actual tone, though most do. You’ll have to read the manual to see what number is what tone, and match them up.

Arash, there ARE no ‘high range’ radios of this type. None. 1/2 to 2 miles, mayyyybe 4 miles in good conditions. Maybe 1/4 miles in bad conditions (inside major city centers).

No idea what the radio regulations are in Iran, but… considering the impression of tight government control we get of Iran from over here, I’d be real careful about using any radio before checking out legality with the government… as getting it wrong could result in charges as a spy, etc.

You need to check the regulations in Iran to see what frequencies are legal, and then ask again.

When I hae time I can research too.

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Just a first hint, from checking Iranian regulations regarding tourists coming into the country…

List of certain prohibited goods:

Fire-arms and ammunition
Alcoholic beverages
Gambling and debauchery paraphernalia
Transmitters (Walkie-Talkie)

I’d say they won’t be amused by any use of radio transmitters by the general public without specific permission.

Yeah. I did some looking, and I can say that I do not believe ANY two way radios are legal for the general public.

he didnt say he was IN Iran he sayed he was From Iran.
Also why would anyone ask a question here and then say where they are from I dont ask a question and say Im from the usa