compatibility between GMRS and 70 cm ?

This is a purely technical question, not a legal one.
I have a set of midland GXT1000 GMRS walky-talkies.
I want to get a dual-band car radio (2 M and 70 cm).
As I understand it the frequency used for the GMRS (462.5625 on ch1) is in the same range as the 70 cm radio… but are they compatible? Is the channel raster and modulation compatible?

Because I am not in the US (I am in South America where there are NO regulations concerning radios :slight_smile: I can not buy-and-try. Anything I buy in the US (The best place to buy stuff like this via Amazon) must first be flown to my destination (which takes up to 1 or 2 months), so I can not return anything.

I realize that in the US there are legal rules that prohibit this combination, but I am only interested in the technical part since those rules do not apply to me here.

For extra info I am considering the HYS Tc-mauv11 dual-band car radio.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Maarten, GMRS frequencies do indeed fall within the 70cm band, and while I am not familiar with the HYS Tc-mauv11, if it operates on the same bands in wideband mode as other 2m/70cm dual band radios such as the Wouxun KG-UV920P-A, technically speaking, it should work on the GMRS as well.