Communicate with each other?

I wonder if someone could answer a question (or 2) for me. If I were to purchase an Icom IC-F6021-51B UHF Base Station Radio (450-512 Mhz), could this radio be programmed to communicate to and from my Motorola MS 350 bubblepack radios? The Motorolas are repeater capable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Trying to absorb so much info. on 2 way, cb and ham radio is mind-boggling!

The Icom IC-F6021-51B is actually intended for use on business frequencies, not GMRS. The manual also states that because of the level of RF electromagnetic energy emitted in transmit mode, The IC-F6021 is classfied for occupational (commercial) use only and is “not for general use in uncontrolled environments.” In other words, it is type accepted for Part 90 Business Radio Service (business radios) but not Part 95 Personal Radio Service (consumer FRS/GMRS radios). Also, the optional voice scrambler is not legal for use on FRS/GMRS radios.

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Thanks for that info…I’ve decided that GMRS really isn’t right for me. I really wanted a GMRS base station that performs like a base station. Though I have my GMRS license, I think I’m heading in another direction. 10/11 Meter!
I guess I better hit the books!!

10 meters requires a ham license.

11 meters is just CB radio, which does not require a license. Problem with CB is it is AM, and you get all those folks illegally trying to communicate over long distances. With the solar cycle a bit high, you may find out trying to communicate with those you are trying to talk to locally gets drowned out by these illegals.

If you need more info on CB, please respond in the CB forum… I’ll see it.

The Personal GMRS still requires a license for the users - one license covers everyone that is a member of your family and lives under the same roof.

I do not believe that the bubble pack radios operates on split - which is a requirement if you were going to use a repeater… They are simplex only.

Is very expensive to operate as opposed to other radio services

Has a height limit for the transmit antenna for the base station - I think it was 37 feet and a power limit - I think it is 5 watts…

There is web sites on the FCC page where you can look it up.

If you build your own repeater system - use real GMRS radios - it is very expensive both to build, coordinate, and operate.

10 meters - using a repeater, is not permissable unless you have a General Class or higher license for amateur radio - due to the fact that the band - 29.600 - 29.700 is in the General Class portion of the band plan.

That requires passing two - 35 multiple guess tests and each person getting a General Class license to operate… There are not many active 10 meter repeater still on the air.

The Duplexers are huge and very expensive - 8 times as large and costly as a 2 meter repeater.

CB will afford you local communications - cheaply - without a license.